A dedicated team of  women's health care professionals

Delaware Valley OBGYN and Infertility Group, the leaders in women's health care in the Princeton Area is a team of women's health care specialists in central New Jersey that includes Obstetrician/Gynecologists (OBGYNs), Certified Nurse Midwives and a specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.


Obstetricians are doctors who specialize in pregnancy, from prenatal care, through delivery and the post-partum period. After medical school, ob's complete a 4 year residency in obgyn and are required to pass both written and oral exams. Our obstetricians are all board certified and experienced in both low risk and high risk pregnancies. 


Gynecologists are physicians who specialize in women's reproductive health care helping to maintain reproductive health from puberty through menopause and beyond. They treat diseases that affect a woman's reproductive organs using both medical and surgical methods. Our gynecologists are all board certified and experienced in caring for woman of all ages.


Reproductive endocrinologists are  subspecialized gynecologists who treat women with infertility, recurrent first trimester miscarriages and reproductive hormonal disorders (such as PCOS and endometriosis).  In additional to becoming certified as an OBGYN, REIs complete a 2-3 year fellowship and a second set of  difficult written and oral exams. Delaware Valley is one of the few private OBGYN practices to have an in house fertility specialist.


Midwives have been delivering babies since the dawn of civilization, but today's certfied nurse midwives are a little more like the midwives you see on the BBC's Call the Midwife. They start their training as nurses and then go on for a master's degree in midwifery, and go through a certification process. Midwives view childbirth and well woman care as a natural process and bring that mindset to patient care. Our certified nurse midwives, bring this approach to hospital births, where the safety and pain relief of modern medicine (obstetricians, anesthesiologists and special care nurseries) remain close at hand when needed.