Lawrenceville and East Windsor NJ Staff

Our staff at Delaware Valley OBGYN is here to make sure you have the best possible experience when coming in for your doctor or midwife appointment. Here are a few of the key members our team and information on how to reach them

Note:  We maintain a secure encrypted email portal which we encourage our patients to use. You can reach the portal by clicking here. Please note that regular emails to our staff members are not secure, and using regular email implies your consent to use unsecured communications with our office.

Anne Karns, Practice Manager


Anne is our practice manager, making sure our office runs smoothly, running the business office and serving as our HIPAA compliance officer. If there is anything we could have done to make your visit to us better, Anne wants to know. Her phone number is 609-896-0777 ext 212 and her email is



Need help scheduling or changing an appointment, or want to let us know how we could have improved your experience at our practice? Ryan is in charge of making sure that our front desk and our Lawrenceville office run smoothly. You can reach Ryan at 609-896-0777.  His email address is 


Lauren Bock, East Windsor Office Manager


Lauren is the manager of our East Windsor office and is in charge of making sure that our office runs smoothly. If you are a patient in our East Windsor office and there is anything we could have done to make your visit to us better, Lauren wants to know. Her direct phone number is 609-336-3265 and her email is

Joyce Rhodes, LPN, Triage Nurse


After many years of working with Dr. Gamburg and Shapiro at Princeton Windsor OBGYN, Joyce has joined our team as a triage nurse. From our office in Lawrenceville, Joyce helps with medical questions from our patients. She can be reached by calling the Lawrence office at 609-896-0777 ext 270 or by email at

Evelyn Jones, Lawrenceville Patient Care Coordinator


Evelyn takes care of coordinating surgical procedures and specialist consultations for our Lawrenceville patients.  She can be reached by phone at 609-512-4035 and by email

Amy Morgan, Medical Records Coordinator


Amy is the person to contact if you need to obtain a copy of your medical records. She may may be reached at 609-512-4028, by email: Please note that there may be charges for copies of your medical records.

In order to release your records Amy will need a copy of our "Authorization to release health information," which you may download here from our website. You may email to Amy or fax it to her attention at 609-896-0643. 

If you need a form to request another practice to transfer your records to us, click here.

Victor Jaramillo, Andrologist


Victor provides on site  laboratory testing including semen analysis and sperm preparation and freezing. Appointments can be made through Samantha by phone: 609-512-4031, fax 609-896-0643 or email