Nutritional counseling and Dietician at Delaware Valley

Our doctors and midwives know that almost all aspects are your health are affected by what you eat, and that includes your reproductive health, your fertility and even the health of your unborn baby

For that reason we offer a dietician in our Lawrenceville office who can offer nutritional counseling.

Alka Sheth, Lawrence NJ diet and nutrition counselor

Meet Alka Sheth, MS, RDN

What is Alka's background?

  • New Jersey Certified Registered Dietitian for over 2 decades

  • Queens College, BS in Nutrition

  • New York University, MS in Nutrition

  • Active member, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Why would I want to see a nutritionist?

There are a number of conditions that your obgyn or fertility specialist may be treating that can be improved by good nutrition including

Why should I see Alka for counseling?

  • Convenience - appointment available in our Lawrenceville office
  • Experience
  • Cultural understanding- As a native of India, Alka has an understanding of South Asian diets and how to adapt dietary changes such as carbohydrate restriction to vegetarian and vegan diets.

How do I set up an appointment?

You can reach her at :

Telephone: (609) 712-1040