Maternal Fetal Medicine/ Perinatology

Many women have what one would consider "high risk pregnancies" with issues such as twins or triplets, diabetes, high blood pressure or other medical problems.

Our obstetricians are experienced at managing high risk pregnancies, but some times the help of a subspecialist is required. That type of doctor is referred to as a Perinatologist or Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist.

MFM specialists like Reproductive Medicine specialists, undergo advanced training (a fellowship) and are required to pass an additional set of written and oral examinations. Rest assured, at Delaware Valley OBGYN, we have access to excellent maternal fetal doctors to help give your baby the best start in life.

In most hospitals such as UMCPP, perinatologists, do not actually deliver babies themselves, even though they have the skills to do so. They assist your obstetrician in managing the complicated pregnancy.