Can I exercise when I'm pregnant?

Is working out a problem during pregnancy: Delaware Valley OBGYN blog

Yes, actually it's a great idea to exercise when you're pregnant.

Many women are afraid to work out when they are pregnant, concerned that it can be harmful to the baby, but their fears are largely unfounded. In fact, exercise can actually help you and your baby get through labor.

Researchers in Madrid, Spain compared women who did aerobic exercise during pregnant to those who did not and they found some very interesting things including...

  • Women who exercised while pregnant had faster labors

  • Women who exercised while pregnant were less likely to need an epidural

  • Women who exercised while pregnant were less likely to deliver a very large baby

So, should all women exercise during pregnancy?

There are of course exceptions so your should check with your Obstetrician or Midwife first since  some high risk patients are advised to avoid exercise while pregnant.